Shampoo and Set

Author: Linda Sherlock

Shampoo and Set is Margaret’s inspiring story and one of determination and hard work. It is proof that if you find a job that you like then you never feel that your work is done even at the age of ninety in the midst of a pandemic!

“Great read, beautifully written, the author has a lovely turn of phrase and lovely observations of her mum.”

Amazon review – 5 Stars

About the author:  Linda has contributed to a number of magazines and publications, including academic journals. Her monologue, The Exile’s Child, was performed and recorded by The Green Curtain Theatre Company, London and her writing has been featured by the BBC. Shampoo and Set is her first book.

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The Decoy

Author: Al Ramsay

Trainee journalist Felix Haythornthwaite’s chance encounter with a beautiful woman at Preston station, rapidly spirals from awkward schmoozing opportunity into a hilarious one-way ticket to calamity, plunging him head-first into a life-or-death struggle involving a cut-throat crime cartel, a kick-ass tribal princess… and an overdose of industrial-strength laxatives. The story is a nailed-on ‘exclusive’, but will Felix live long enough to break it?

“Terrific – full of thrills, high jinks and Lancashire charm.”

Amazon review – 5 Stars

About the author:  Al lives in the beautiful Lancashire market town of Chorley, and until the recent call of the pipe and slippers, worked for a national housing association, helping to build affordable homes across the north of England. He honed his writing skills within the unique tilting environment of the Virgin Pendolino fleet, travelling, between Wigan and London. He spends his spare time riding his bike, writing and getting disheartened by the travails of his three favourite football teams: Everton, Leyton Orient and, of course, Chorley. His ambition is to appear in Lancashire Life.

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Fight for the Future

Author: Jeanette Greaves

Werewolves have returned to Lancashire. They may just want a quiet life, but fate has other plans for the brothers, who have escaped their past and must now fight for their future.

“A very different Lycan story with great characters and atmosphere, cannot wait for the next book!”

Amazon review – 5 Stars

About the author: Jeanette has been writing ‘with real intent’ for about fifteen years, and Fight For The Future is her first published novel. She has also written short stories in the Hic Dragones genre anthologies Wolf Girls, Impossible Spaces, Hauntings and Nothing.

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Ransomed Hearts

The second book in the Ransomed Hearts series.

Author: Jeanette Greaves

Following the departure of Anthony and Tomas, their wives are left to raise their sons alone. Ransomed Hearts picks up the story in the late 1970s, as the boys realise what they are and what they can be.

“Absolutely love these books and now cannot wait for book three. Well written and well worth a read!! Eagerly awaiting my next fix.”

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The Evolution of Christie Harris

Author: Kathleen Clunan

Bridget Jones’s Diary meet Long Lost Families as relationships are stretched to the limit, as a lifetime of secrets are laid bare.

Christie lives with her two best friends, loves her career as an art teacher, and enjoys daydreaming about mysterious Miles. Her life is perfect…until her true identity is revealed.

About the author: Brought up on a farm in rural Lancashire, Kathleen was led to believe she’s invincible… however after her body rebelled, she realised she wasn’t.

It was a shock, but in her usual tenacious way she decided to fill her days at her laptop, writing the novel she always promised herself she would.

Her first novel has been well received and Kathleen is juggling running the famous family business, Clunans on Wigan Market with beavering away, eager to finish the sequel. We’ll update you when it’s out.

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